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Fight News | 2015-11-09 23:09:10


Lolenga Mock som læremester

for Tomorrow´s Champions

Bokser hovedkamp i Danish Fight Night Premiere-Galla mod ubesejret italiener:

Dansk profboksnings mest rutinerede navn, tidl. WBO International og EBU- EU Champion Lolenga Mock, gør klar til at supplere Tomorrow´s Champions ved Brian Nielsen og Mogens Palles store Danish Fight Night Premiere-Galla 4. december i Herlev.

Lolenga Mock (31-14-1, KO 12), der efter en årrække i Danmark for nylig er blevet dansk statsborger, møder i Herlev Hallen den ubesejrede italienske højrefodsbokser Alessandro Sinacore, som har vundet sine første 11 kampe, de fem før tid.

"Jeg kan vel dårligt snige mig med i kategorien ´Tomorrow´s Champions´, men jeg er meget glad for, at Brian Nielsen og Mogens Palle giver mig mulighed for at supplere deres nye spændende team af fremtidens danske boksenavne, som jeg jo selv kender et par stykker af på nærmeste hold," siger Lolenga Mock.

Den aarhusianske supermellemvægts-bokseprofil hentyder til de to Tomorrow´s Champions, Jeppe Morell og Jonas Madsen, som han til daglig træner i sin klub Champs Camp Aarhus - og som han i parantes bemærket selv har været med til at udpege, anbefale samt rekruttere til dansk professionel boksnings ny promotor-par.

"Lolenga Mock er et stærkt, internationalt gennemrutineret og derfor yderst kompetent navn til at komplettere vores nye interessante team af dansk boksnings unge hårdtslående talenter i en af vores Premiere-Gallas ´main events´," siger Mogens Palle.

 kulissen arbejder han og Brian Nielsen netop nu på muligvis at kunne lancere Lolenga Mocks hovedkamp i Herlev Hallen mod Alessandro Sinacore som en international titelkamp.




Fight News | 2015-05-13 19:46:43




Aarhus, Denmark, Scandinavia: One of Africa’s best and the man who fought with the BEST for big money in boxing the  Congo man Lolenga Mock, will fight for Albinism Rights in Tanzania in a current campaign to equip them with sunglasses and hats so that they can have happy lives.


Mock born in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo stayed and boxed in Tanzania in the 90s before moving to Aarhus, Denmark where he is currently residing with his Danish family.


Lolenga Mock read one of my articles especially the one titled “IBF/Africa Accept Albinism as Africa’s Albinos seek their place in the Sun” and was overwhelmed with sadness so, he volunteered to feature in the beneficial boxing tourney for Albinos cause.


The proceeds from the tournament would be spent to buy sunglasses and hats and also to pay for duty and levy for several sunglasses and hats coming from seal oversees donors.


Lolenga Mock started his professional boxing career in 1995 in Kisangani, Democratic of Congo by beating Yaaman Kabeya by points in their 6 rounder tourney.


In 2003 he met the great English boxer David Haye who later became the WBA World Heavyweight champion in 2010.


Lolenga is a man of many talents and his volunteering to fight for Albinos rights is the type of the man he really is who believe in giving to the needy!


Lolenga will fight for the “IBF Continental Africa Light heavyweight title” against a boxer to be named soon as several several intentional promoters have shown interests to the tournament.
There will be boxers from Persian  particularly Iran, Saudi Arabia, UAE and other African countries who will feature in the supporting bouts before Lolenga climb the ring to put his talents for Albinos right to enjoy lives!


IBF/Africa is proud of our African boxers who are willing to put their lives in line to fight for Albinos rights. We say thank you Lolenga and others willing to donate like him!


We would like to ask for volunteers who are willing to work with us to raise money for this cause and also seek sponsors for this event.


We are willing to work with anybody who has sympathy to the Albinos plight and by joining hands would be the only way to defeat the merchants of death who are hunting Albinos body parts for business.
We are seeking for volunteers who will work with us to make this endeavor successful and also raise funds for special Albinos sunglasses and hats! Seeing the numerous pictures of the Tanzanian albino children, with several of them squinting due to the bright sunlight, I imagined the chronic headaches they must endure daily.

They lack the pigment in their eyes that helps block the bright sunlight from entering their visual field. Something as simple as a pair of sunglasses would cut a great deal of glare, allowing them to stop squinting, relax their foreheads & ease their headaches.


With a little help from my friends around the world, I feel this is a project worth under-taking for these already visually impaired albino children.


Any of you reading this & wanting to help, could purchase some DARK sunglasses in children and/or adult sizes & mail them to our address in Tanzania at Benjamin Mkapa Pension Towers, Tower B, Mezzanine Floor, Azikiwe/Jamhuri Street, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.


Onesmo Alfred McBride Ngowi is the President of International Boxing Federation for Africa, Middle East & Persian Gulf. Ngowi is also Director of the London, UK based Commonwealth Boxing Council (CBC) and government owned Vocational Educational and Training Authority (VETA) in Tanzania.

Website under construction | 2014-11-19 14:58:53

Website under construction



Name: Lolenga Mock

Alias: Lumumba Boy

Born: 1972-04-22

Birthplace: Kinshasa, Congo (Democratic Republic Of The)

Hometown: Aarhus, Denmark

Amateur Boxing Background

107 fights, 102 victories.

Professionel Boxing Background:

EBU-EU (European Union) Super Middleweight Title (2006-07, 2008-09, 2010- )

WBO Intercontinental Super Middleweight Title (2005-06)

European Boxing Association Light Heavyweight Title (2004)

East & Central African Professional Boxing Federation Super Middleweight Title (1998)

Along side his active boxing career Lolenga Mock completed personal trainer courses in the Canada, and worked as Proffessional boxer and a personal trainer in Denmark. He has experience in working with anyone from business people, or other professionals, wanting to get fit or stay fit while balancing a busy time-schedule, to overweight children and people with various health issues such as obesity, hypertension or high cholesterol.Having worked with some of the best boxing and conditioning trainers in the world,like Felix Sturm camp at Univerumboxpromotin  and Sturmboxpromotion in Germany & conditioning at Henef Sport schule in Germany, Lolenga Mock has gained massive experience over the years, and knows from his own body how fitness is best obtained with a combination of training and eating right.









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Lolenga Mock Bio & Certification!
Years of perseverance, training and education have paid off…

Life as a price-fighter and a self employed Personal Trainer has been interesting, to say the least. Besides Denmark, I have trained clients in Germany, Canada and Grennnland and been involved in high profiled training camps with some of the best Proffession  boxers, and Best trainers in the world.

Fitness is a major part of preventive medicine approach to health. Although fitness and health have similar properties, they are in reality two very different concepts. While health means the absence of disease, fitness refers to the degree of body functioning and the ability of the body to handle practical demands. The higher the level of fitness, the more the body is being free of disease and maintaining a healthy state. It has been pretty exciting for a boy who developed the love of sport from the age of 9 yrs. when he started playing paper soccer in Africa in his father’s backyard.


- East and Centre Africa Champion

– In 23 years as a professional boxer I have won so many titles,in 1998 East and Centre Africa super middleweight Champion, 2004 WBA International super middleweight Champion, 2005 WBO Inter-continental super middle Champion, 3x EBU-EU Super middleweight Champion.
– I attended the personal trainer course at Concept Fitness in Montreal, Quebec, Canada  . My specialty is training boxing and getting my clients fit, teach them self-defence and have fun doing it! My training is always more interesting in the way that my clients have a chance to experience a variety of things, such as doing weight training, power training, strength, speed, reflex, eating right and discipline, among others.


With most of my clients, their livelihood depends on their physical appearance and conditioning! The most challenging and rewarding part of my work is training people with various health problems, like obesity, hypertension, high cholesterol and overweight kids.

I have trained my clients as a private personal trainer and at various private-owned fitness facilities. I relocated to Denmark and started as a self employed personal trainer. I currently train my clients in Aarhus.

Been in the entertainment and fitness industry for over 23 year, and a trainer 27years, accomplishing my client’s goals by offering them a unique combination of skills, assets and experience, which includes sacrificing all the necessary to make it happen gaining strength and speed, and learn self-defence and discipline at the same time.



Personal trainer

Personal training is customized to the client goals and wishes. I work with a variety of clients weight losing, muscle gaining and Sports clients who wants to learn the art of the sweet science of the fight game. Make sure the clients eat the right diets to make their goals possible to reach within the time frame.
Lolenga Mock 3x European Champion and former world Champion Intercontinental been doing boxing personal training for 8yrs.

Mobil: 23881114 
Call for best offer you can train up to 3 people or create your our private team..

Train with the Champ and live like a Champ

Hard work and dedication

Starndard price is 400kr.


Lolenga Mock facility:

One-on-one personal training, per hour

400 DKK

2 persons per session :

200 DKK per person.

1-4 persons per session, 

400 Dkk.

Teams of 7-12 persons per session:

1000 DKK.

Children (6-15 years) one-on-one, per session:

250 DKK per person.

Children (6-15 years) groups of 3-6 persons per session:

300 DKK .

Monthly offers:

5 training sessions one-on-one

1.550 DKK.

10 training sessions one-on-one:

3.200 DKK.

One month one-on-one training, up to 4 sessions per week:

5.400 DKK.

Training will include weight-training, boxing- training , and Cardio depending on the clients goals.

Bachelor party (Polterabend):

1500 DKK.

Train with and box against (sparring) the champ, pose for photo with championship belt





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Training is everyday, just call or send amail to book your training time

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